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Defense Attorney Mark Coleman Represents Accused Medical Professional for Botox-injection Parties

Registered nurse Rebekah Demoss and Dr. Robert Adams Graham have been accused by the California Board of Registered Nursing and Medical Board of California of administering Botox and other cosmetic drugs to patients without proper supervision. The accusations stem from undercover sting operations conducted by the Department of Consumer Affairs in 2014, during which Demoss was observed injecting patients at a day spa and at a "Botox party" in a private home. Attorneys for Demoss and Graham contest the accusations and claim that Demoss's business, ZLB Renovation, employed a medical director at the time of the alleged incidents. Demoss has stated that she has never had a complaint from a client and that her cosmetic business is a part-time endeavor. Both Demoss and Graham are set to appear before administrative law judges in January to contest the accusations.

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